Cost-effective solutions for managing your compliance needs and limiting your Fuel Tax liability.

Novrit Transportation Consultants provide Operating Authority, Permitting and Fuel Tax Reporting Services. It’s is more than just miles and gallons. Our fleet compliance professionals can help improve your operation’s bottom line, free-up valuable resources, and address key regulatory and compliance issues. We’ll minimize your tax and audit liabilities — and even manage your audits should one occur.

For GPS clients we upload all mileage and fuel purchase information directly, offering you a hands free service.

We continually develop strategies to reduce your fuel taxes.

Licensing, Permitting and Fuel Tax Reporting Service
  • Reduces the labor and time required for paper handling, sorting, checking, filing and storing
  • Reduces fuel tax audit liability and assessments
  • Provides on-going technical support from the very start
  • Provides professional management of state audits, tax and licensing by compiling and organizing all of your quarterly information. We go on-site to assist you through the process. Once the audit is complete, all materials are filed back at your site for easy access and organization.
Federal Highway Administrative Operating Authority (formerly ICC)
  • Enables you to legally operate under Federal regulation
  • Reduces your risk of getting fined, trucks being impounded or ultimately, cease and desist orders.
DOT Registration Number
  • Allows you to begin your trucking operation (required by Federal regulation)
  • Allows you to register your trucks in a timely manner so that your business never misses any real time.